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Forskolin is one of the ubiquitous plant-based chemicals that have been making the rounds of holistic magazines and Internet rumors. But what is Forskolin really, and what health benefits does it hold?


What is Forskolin?
Coming from the Plectranthus Barbatus plant, Forskolin has a long history as a main agent in holistic remedies for a host of medical conditions. Medical texts describe this chemical as being useful in treating heart-related conditions and discomfort caused by changes in blood pressure. It’s even been known to work as a reliever of chest pain and help to lessen complications from breathing disorders such as asthma.

Apart from these serious medical conditions and acting as a general analgesic, it has been known to be relied upon as a remedy for seasonal allergies, treat rashes and skin conditions, combat unwanted weight gain, indigestion, urinary, intestinal, and bladder infections, blood clots, and even sexual impotency in men.

Delivery methods have varied across practices, and depending upon the patient’s condition at the time. In most hospital settings it is delivered intravenously. When used to treat respiratory issues, a powdered form is used in an inhaler. There are even droplets which have been known to be preferred for certain patients.

Why is it Popular?
The history of its use certainly works in Forskolin’s favor. In addition to making the rounds on Internet forums and health food stores as a dietary supplement, pharmaceutical companies and herbal manufacturers are producing this extract in various forms for consumption by the public at their leisure.

Blood Vessels

How it Works:
By widening blood vessels Forskolin lowers blood pressure throughout, normalizing the body’s heart rate, relaxing muscles, and allowing for a relaxing effect like many painkillers and muscle relaxants.

What Does it Treat?
Aside from its anecdotal history as a go-to treatment for different medical conditions, what does Forskolin actually treat?

As with other homeopathic remedies, there has been scientific research conducted to verify the claims and see what would work best for patients. In this case, an effect has been found to take place when treating different kinds of cardiomyopathy (congestive heart conditions). When delivered intravenously, a regulation of heart health could be tracked in patients.

For patients with asthma, it has been tested in small doses and has been proven to work as well as other treatment agents.

Who is it For?
Forskolin is cleared as a safe chemical for use by most adults when taken through any medically-approved methods of delivery. Complications can arise when consumed in an unsupervised setting. For example: patients with low blood pressure can experience lightheaded dizzy spells and and even fainting when taking it through an IV. When taken as an inhalant, irritation can occur, along with excessive coughing and shortness of breath.

Medical Professionals

Who’s at Risk?
Before consumed, it is best to contact a medical professional to know that you are not at risk of further injury. Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should know that there is inconclusive evidence to support its safety for recent or expecting mothers.

Those with blood conditions such as hemophilia or heart diseases should know that while it may lower blood pressure in most patients, that may prove to be detrimental to treatment in some cases. Those who already have low blood pressure may want to consider alternative methods of treatment.

For those who are recovering from surgery may also want to ask their practitioner for alternatives, as a lower blood pressure could encourage excess bleeding. Most doctors recommend those expecting surgery to stop use at least fourteen days prior.