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Losing weight is complicated, especially for those who suffer from hormonal issues that can make keeping weight off and maintaining lean body mass more difficult. There are plenty of diet supplements currently on the market that claim to help people lose weight, but many of them are either made of dangerous synthetic stimulants, have long lists of side-effects, only help people lose weight over the short term, or come bundled with severely calorie-restrictive diet plans. For those people looking for a safe, natural diet supplement that can actually help safely boost lean body mass, there’s Forskolin.

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Forskolin is a new, powerful, fat-melting supplement that has begun to gain popularity fairly recently. It’s derived from an extract of the Indian Coleus plant, Coleus forskohlii, that has been used in Ayuvedic medicine for centuries. A controlled study found that this extract improved lean muscle mass and bone density, while boosting levels of certain hormones. When used as a diet supplement, Forskolin melts belly fat like a furnace and leaves lean, healthy muscle behind. Since Forskolin is all-natural and stimulant free, it is safe to combine with virtually any diet and exercise regimen. It can even be used in conjunction with a colon cleanse, which helps boost its effectiveness by turning it into an even more efficient fat burner.

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Why use a colon cleanse? The human colon is where dead bacteria, mucus, undigested food, and water are formed into feces. Unfortunately, due to factors like illness, prescription medication use, stress, or a poor diet, many people’s colons aren’t operating as well as they should be. This means that there may be pounds of impacted fecal matter, bacteria, and mucus left behind to decay and trigger inflammation, ill health, and excess weight gain. Most colon cleanses consist of fiber supplements that bind to and move things out of the colon. Some of them may also contain detoxifying herbs, like milk thistle, dandelion, or green tea, or probiotics. They are generally safe for people who are otherwise healthy, and can help improve the health of people who experience colon issues. Many people who use a colon cleanse alone lose weight just by removing all of the harmful impacted matter in their lower intestines.

Using a colon cleanse combined with Forskolin helps contribute to fast, long-term weight loss by removing old fecal matter while increasing the effectiveness of Forskolin. This allows the supplement to work overtime at melting belly fat and boosting lean muscle mass. The end result is an improved metabolism, better digestion, healthier body composition, more energy, reduced cravings, and a slimmer waistline.

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If you’ve had trouble losing weight with diet, exercise, or other supplements, Forskolin may be able to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Before you try Forskolin alone, consider combining it with a safe, effective colon cleanse. Help your body become a lean, sleek, fat-burning machine– by clearing out your colon while using Forskolin, you’ll be able to get all of the benefits of Forskolin plus a healthy, efficient digestive system.