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Several supplements on the market today can help you with weight loss. Something to consider is that combining certain supplements will actually improve the effectiveness of the individual ingredients. Green coffee bean extract and forskolin are two supplements that work together well. You need to know how combining forskolin and green coffee bean extract will make losing weight easier.

weight loss

Activate Fat Burning Enzymes
Forskolin will help with weight loss by itself by activating fat burning enzymes. The supplement triggers the production of an enzyme called adenylate cyclase your body. This enzyme helps to increase the amount of cyclic adenosine monophosphate, or cAMP, inside your cells. It is thought low cAMP levels can contribute to gaining weight and storing fat. The higher level of cAMP sends a signal to your body to start breaking down stored fat cells. This will actually allow you to begin losing weight much faster when you exercise and eat right.

Trigger Hormones to Help Burn Fat
Green coffee bean extract can enhance the effects of forskolin through a different mechanism. This supplement contains an important substance known as chlorogenic acid. The substance can have a direct effect on a few different hormones throughout your body. One of these hormones is called adiponectin. This hormone is released to help the body burn the fat already stored under your skin and within your muscles. Green coffee bean extract makes adiponectin much more efficient so that it can burn fat faster. If you take green coffee bean extract with forskolin, then you are going to see faster weight loss than taking just one supplement alone because they complement each other.

suppress appetite

Suppress Appetite
Another reason that forskolin and green tea extract work together so well is that they both suppress your appetite. Green coffee bean extract contains a small amount of natural caffeine. The caffeine has a stimulant effect on your body and digestive system. It can actually make you feel less hungry for a few hours after taking the supplement. Forskolin releases enzymes that can suppress your appetite by blocking certain chemical messengers in your body. The combination of the two supplements can help you to feel less hungry during the day so that it is easier to stick to a good diet and reject unhealthy snacks.

Increase Metabolism
The speed of your metabolism can be very important while you are trying to lose weight. You could hit a plateau or start gaining weight if you have a slow metabolism all day long. These supplements can prevent that from happening. The caffeine in green coffee bean extract will directly stimulate your metabolism by a small amount. This generates extra heat and leads to more weight loss. Forskolin might actually trigger your thyroid to release hormones. These hormones can also speed up your metabolism so that your body uses more energy for normal tasks. The result is easier weight loss.

reduce fat absorption

Reduce Fat Absorption
Green coffee bean extract can improve the weight loss effects of forskolin by reducing the amount of fat absorption in the body. This occurs because of the hormones and enzymes affected by the extract. Fat passing through your digestive system is not absorbed into your body as easily. It can sometimes just pass through without adding anything negative. The extract also helps to limit the absorption of fat into your muscles and liver. You will not produce new stored fat as quickly while taking these supplements.

Regulate Blood Sugar Levels
Both forskolin and green coffee bean extract can help you to regular blood sugar levels. This is important because low blood sugar can cause your body to process fats abnormally. You might also feel very hungry when you have low blood sugar. Green coffee bean extract will fight the absorption of carbohydrates into your body. This means fewer blood sugar spikes. The result is that you will burn fat efficiently without slowing down and crashing after eating.

gain energy

Gain More Energy
The activation of the thyroid by forskolin and the caffeine in green coffee bean extract can both provide you with more energy during the day when you are following a good diet. You will feel energized and active. This can help you to lose weight by enabling you to exercise for a longer time or at a higher intensity. You can start to burn a large amount of calories without feeling tired or lethargic. Having more energy during the day can even improve your overall life by allowing you to get out and be more active.

Additional Health Benefits
Green coffee bean extract and forskolin both have some other health benefits when taken together. They can help to lower you blood pressure to a normal level. They have the potential to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in your body so that you have better heart health over time. The combination can also help you to fight off diseases by introducing antioxidants to your body.