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Forskolin is a substance extracted from Indian Coleus plants. These plants typically grow in Indian, Asia and Eastern Africa. Forskolin has been used in natural medicine for hundreds of years to help with a variety of conditions. It was recently discovered to help with weight loss. There has been some confusion about the effectiveness of forskolin for men. You should know how forskolin affects men when used as a weight loss supplement.


Forskolin and Gender
It does not seem to make a difference what gender you are when taking forskolin. The supplement affects common parts of the body that are the same in both men and women. The different balance of hormones between the genders does not seem to have any effect on the supplement. This could largely be because forskolin mainly changes the way the enzymes work in order to provide better weight loss. Men can benefit greatly from forskolin when trying to lose weight.

Forskolin Changes Enzyme Production
The natural substances contained in forskolin will increase the amount of adenylate cyclase produced by your body. Adenylate cyclase is an enzyme that helps to control a few other chemicals in the body. It will quickly boost the amount of something called cyclic adenosine monophosphate, or cAMP, inside of the cells. The increase in cAMP sends a message to your brain that it is time to start burning fat. Your body responds by sending out hormones that begin to burn fat right away. High cAMP levels can actually allow men to burn more fat through natural processes than normally possible.


Effects on the Thyroid
Something else that forskolin does is to have a slight effect on the thyroid in men. Forskolin specifically causes your thyroid to start to produce a few different hormones. These hormones will increase your natural metabolism. An elevated metabolism means your body needs more energy to function. The result is that you will burn fat more quickly even without intense physical exercise. The effect forskolin has on your thyroid has the added advantage of giving you more energy. You can use this energy to exercise and burn more calories to accelerate your weight loss.

Build Muscle and Bone Mass
A surprising benefit of forskolin for men is that it can help you to build bone and muscle mass. The exact reason is not known although some suspect that it is due to the changes in hormone and testosterone levels caused by the supplement. You will be able to start increasing your bone density over time when you exercise. Additionally, forskolin lets men build a large amount of lean muscle mass. Lean muscle is devoid of large fat deposits and increases your strength significantly.

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How Men Should Use Forskolin
Men need to use forskolin as part of a larger diet and exercise routine in order to lose the most weight possible. You are going to want to find a quality supplement that contains 20 percent forskolin. This is the optimal amount. Take the supplement each day or as directed by the manufacturer. Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Eat several balanced meals spread through the day. Be certain to exercise and remain active. You will want to exercise at least three times a week for around 30 minutes each time to see the best results. Increase your workouts as your fitness level improves.

Side Effects for Men
One of the interesting things about Forskolin is that it does not seem to have any serious side effects for men. Most men who take Forskolin will not notice any negative effects as long as you follow the correct dosage. Many men have been successfully losing weight while taking Forskolin. This has caused them to experience more energy. Which makes them happier and healthier than they were before. Some of the minor side effects have been slight headaches and a feeling of jitteriness probably caused by the increased amount of energy in the body. Forskolin is very safe although you should talk to a doctor if you are taking prescription medications or dealing with a serious disease.