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Forskolin Extract

Forskolin Weight LossLosing weight is very hard. It is actually one of the hardest things to accomplish. Being overweight has almost become the American way. This isn’t something to be proud of. If you feel that you are overweight or want to lose a few extra pounds you can! You just have to be able to take control of your life.

Like I said before losing weight is hard! So how do you even begin to lose weight if you don’t know where to start? Well the concept of losing weight is pretty easy. If you burn the same amount of calories you consume then you maintain your weight. Now if you eat more calories then your body can burn then you gain weight. It’s just a simple addition and subtraction problem.

There are two things that you can do to lose weight. The first being exercise, everyone knows this but not everyone takes advantage of it. I’m guilty of this, I DON’T like exercising! I just never have the time. The next thing you can do to lose weight is to eat less. Now this way “can” be very hard to overcome. Food can be so tempting. Most of us have these crazy food addictions. For me, chocolate is my vice. I will eat any and all chocolate bars that are in front of me.


I was tired of being overweight. So I went on a search to find something that could help me. After trying dozens of different weight loss supplements. I finally found one that has worked for me! Forskolin has completely changed my mind on losing weight. Before I thought it was impossible for me to lose weight because of my eating habits. Forskolin changed the way I eat so that I don’t stuff my self with food on a daily basis.

Forskolin is a natural substance that is found in the roots of the plant Coleus Forskohlii. There are so many different benefits of Forskolin that have been found. The benefits that are associated with Forskolin range from inhaling Forskolin powder for asthma sufferers to treating glaucoma. What has fascinated me most with Forskolin is it’s ability to help people lose weight. For me it has been life changing.


The main factor that Forskolin has on weight loss is that it helps to promote the burning of fat within the body. It does this by activating an enzyme in the body called adenylate cyclase. This enzyme helps to stimulate another enzyme called lipase. Lipase is released in the body by the pancreas and is responsible for absorbing fat within the body.

Therefore, if you have more of this enzyme present in the body. The body will absorb more fat. To me this is simply amazing! Something that helps your body to burn the fat that you have without doing anything different.

Forskolin Health Benefits:

  • Burns fat from within, so that you will lose weight.
  • Increases your metabolism so that you can burn more calories while resting.
  • Helps to preserve lean muscle mass.
  • When you lose the weight it helps you to keep the weight off.
  • Has been found to lower cholesterol levels.

This is just a small list of Forskolin benefits. I wanted to give you a good idea about what you can expect when you take Forskolin for weight loss. One extraordinary thing that Forskolin can do is act as an appetite suppressant. Which means that it actually can prevent you from eating more food than your body needs. This is one of the key reasons Forskolin has been effective for me.


Since overeating is the main cause for most weight gain. If you take something like Forskolin that is an appetite suppressant. You actually stop the urges to eat more than you should. This was a game changer, for myself, friends, and family. Overeating is the hardest to overcome. So if you need help with overeating then Forskolin is an extremely viable option for you.

Forskolin helps you by changing your bad habits and replacing them with good habits. So that you can eat more healthy food. Which will cause you to feel more satisfied and happy. Also the increase in energy that Forskolin has given me is an added benefit.

How does Forskolin work?

Forskolin ExtractForskolin has been used for hundreds if not for thousands of years. The aliments that past folk doctors used to treat people were anything from heart conditions to breathing disorders.

Today since we know more about Forskolin benefits. It appears that these folk doctors were on to something when they gave it to people for these disorders.

Forskolin has shown to lower blood pressure by widening the blood vessels. Which relaxes the muscles and puts the heart rate back to normal. It is similar to a painkiller or muscle relaxer in that way.

All these benefits for Forskolin that have to do with everything except weight loss are great. But I want you to understand how Forskolin works for losing weight. Because that is what is most attractive to me about Forskolin. I have lost a lot of weight thanks to this miraculous plant extract. Not only that but I have never felt better than I do right now.

Dr Oz Forskolin

I first found out about Forskolin when I was watching Dr. Oz. He talked about Forskolin and how you should add it to a “Rapid Belly Melt Plan“. This sparked my interest because I needed to “melt some fat!” Dr. Oz said that Forskolin is “Lightning in a bottle!” He said that Forskolin goes and targets only fat cells (not muscle cells) then like lighting a furnace from within the fat cells, helping the fat cells to burn away.

When I first watched that show I was completely amazed. So I started to do a little more research about Forskolin and what I found was even more amazing! Not only is Forskolin a very powerful fat burner but it also speeds up your metabolism. If you recall when you were a kid you probably had a much faster metabolism then you do now.

Does Forskolin Work

Basically, you process food much faster and more efficiently through your body when you have a faster metabolism. When you have a slower metabolism. Food takes much longer to go through your body with a higher percentage of fat being stored. This is why those that have a faster metabolism have less fat on them because their body burns the fat off instead of storing it.

Where to buy Forskolin?

Trying to find Forskolin in stores can be very difficult to do. Ever since it has gained worldwide success. Stores have been having a hard time keeping it in stock. Even worse some retailers such as Walmart, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and etc.

Forskolin GNC

They sell a less than pure form of Forskolin that isn’t even effective for weight loss. I always recommend people to avoid those places when buying any supplements. So you do have to be careful when you choose to buy Forskolin and where you buy it from.

So that leaves buying Forskolin from the internet. Which seems like a daunting task because there are so many choices out there. I spent 6 months trying a little over a dozen different kinds of Forskolin. I did this so I could find the one Forskolin product that was 100% pure and the most effective at helping people lose weight. It was a challenge but I overcame that and found the best Forskolin supplement you can get your hands on.

Forskolin Ingredients

You see the problem with most Forskolin supplements is that they tend to add binders and fillers to their product. This severely waters down the effectiveness of the Forskolin. It might take 10x the number of pills to get the same amount of Forskolin in the less pure formula as to pure Forskolin.

The reason why they add unnecessary fillers is because pure Forskolin is expensive so they add in these binders to get more pills for a cheaper cost. You must make sure that when you buy a Forskolin supplement that it has at least 20% Forskolin in it. Anything less than that it may not work for your desired results.

With my in depth research of Forskolin I have a pretty good handle on how it works and how it can help people lose weight. So I know what I am talking about when I recommend a Forskolin supplement. It is crucial that you buy Forskolin that is 100% PURE. I have found one such brand of Forskolin that is the purest on the market.

One thing people tend to overlook when buying supplements. Is who is standing behind the product? You want a company that will fix any problems you might have immediately. So great customer service is the key in buying Forskolin or any supplement.

Forskolin Help

When I called this pure brand of Forskolin up before I bought from them. I asked a couple of questions to see how responsive they were. The customer service rep was spectacular she answered all of my questions with ease. I felt much better about buying from them. So I bought their Forskolin that day. Within two days I got my package in the mail. That’s pretty fast shipping even for amazon. I ripped open the box. Everything was exactly what it was suppose to be.

I began taking this Forskolin and I immediately began to feel it’s effects. I had less of an appetite and felt so much better. After 4 weeks of taking Forskolin I lost a little over 12lbs! I know to some of you out there that doesn’t sound like a lot but for me this is fantastic.


This is why I recommend this brand of Forskolin to all of my friends and family. It simply WORKS! I couldn’t be more happier, it seriously has changed my life. Losing this weight has made me feel so much better about my appearance.

Without a doubt if you want to lose weight then Forskolin is a great option. It’s an all natural extract so you know it’s not made in a lab. Forskolin has helped tens of thousands of people from around the world lose weight. Oh you probably want to know what brand of Forskolin that I used successfully. I should probably just keep that a secret though….

Alright alright I won’t be selfish!

Forskolin BottleForskolin Fuel is the brand of Forskolin that I buy for myself. It is hands down the best Forskolin supplement on the market. There are 100’s of different testimonials around the web about Forskolin Fuel from very satisfied customers. After having such a good experience with Forskolin Fuel. I reached out to the management to see if I could get a discount for my readers.

They gave me a very AWESOME promotion that I can give to you all! When you order Forskolin Fuel they will give you FREE Bottles with select packages. This is beyond a great deal, I had to pay full price when I bought from them.

Forskolin Fuel is way worth their full asking price but it’s an even sweeter deal when it’s cheaper! So if you have been thinking about taking Forskolin then this is your chance. I’m not really sure when they will be ending this deal. But they did tell me that they can and will end it at any time.

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